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Sol LeWitt in the Negev

The Negev is considered a stone desert where the elements have formed figures out of the sandstones and shifted the face of that desert by erosion. This means by taking something away to make other things visible.

In 1980 Sol LeWitt created a wall drawing on a black wall with nine geometric figures. He filled the spaces with white crayons to give it texture out of which was spared black space which turned into geometric figures. The idea of space that will only appear as a form through its surroundings, and will not only be visible but carry the memory of an underlying reality, is a concept that can be developed differently today.

I used this idea by filling a space with an image taken in the Negev out of which appears an underlying image of another space photographed in the desert as well; it is in the shape of a geometric figure. Also here the space of the first image allows some space for that underlying image and determines its visibility.

Norma Drimmer